Description of a Founder

In an article by Larry Kim, Founder & CTO of Worldstream called “how to build a great tech company that VCs will love”, he quoted Sarah Hodges of Pillar Venture Capital on what she looks for in founders. Three take-away are:

“To be successful, they have to have a clear understanding of what they’re aiming for, and why it matters. It starts with being purposeful about the culture you’re building from day zero, and continues with being intentional about communicating how your business and its needs are changing.”

“Some of the best founders I know are the ones who have a profound understanding of a market and deep empathy for a specific customer pain point.”

“Building a successful company requires getting the right people on board – recruiting employees to join your team, convincing advisors to lend their support, selling to customers. People want to rally behind leaders with an inspiring vision. Successful founders have the ability to sell their mission, developing relationships with people who elevate their game. They’re people who blow through walls in the face of adversity, and actively seeking out advice to broaden their perspectives.”

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